Actually this is the BEST thing a woman can do post pregnancy. Know as "belly binding" through other countries and have been practiced over centuries. It's even better to use a garment like this IMMEDIATELY after pregnancy. Because while a baby develops in the womb a thing called diastasis recti can take place where the baby's growth, stretches and pushes the muscles apart.  One of the ways to treat it is to wear a cloth or garment FIRMLY around the waist to pull the muscles back together to allow them to heal normally. Furthermore a garment with compression will push the unwanted after birth and toxins out of the body through the vaginal opening as well as the pores by secreting sweat. And help reduce the uterus size. Not to mention, any women who's had a baby feels a need for CONFIDENCE. THIS IS AN INSTANT way to bring back a little pep in your step and have you feeling like your old self. Most women have a lot of swelling after birth and this is one of the best ways to BOUNCE BACK!!