Waist training, what is it exactly??? That is a very common question. Waist training is one of the HOTTEST weight loss trends out there!!!! The gradual process of reduction in the waist using a latex cincher or corset is waist training. Some are familiar “Corset dieting”, cinching, Corseting, and the NEWEST term “Getting Waisted” or “waisted”. It’s a Movement!!! Waist Cinchers are giving ladies confidence, because they see INSTANT result after putting the garment on. Cincher wears are Empowering, themselves and each other to go further in perfecting the entire body through exercise. It’s a Movement that is trending all over the Media. Celebrities like Beyoncé, Jessica Alba and model/video vixen, Deelishis (from the reality T.V. series Flavor of Love) have done this.

“How to get an hourglass figure”, “Reduce the Belly Fat”, “Slim the waist”, are all popular topics gracing the headlines of Magazines.  The thirsty quench of a smaller waistline didn’t fall into our laps yesterday.It came around long ago in the Victorian period. And it isn’t going anywhere. As with anything else, when it comes to waist training if you pay attention to your body, take things slowly, progressively and incorporate movement.  You are more likely to experience results quicker and have more of a lasting conclusion. Proper Measuring helps with your determination once you start. It allows you track progress, give you idea where to set your goal, comfort to continue the journey. Some of the benefits include an improved posture, smaller waist line, and of course you will look sexier with defined curves. Other benefits while wearing your latex waist cincher are:

  • less likely to over indulge because stomach compression = weight loss
  •  more likely to tone because of the increased duration of pulling the naval toward the back, causing the back muscles to be used more  frequently, and helping to burn back fat and tighten love handles.
  • Weight loss in the waist is EXPEDITED when combined with cardio movement

There are tons of garments, exercises, and foods out there to help you slim your waist from waist cinchers to corsets, nuts, cardio, vitamin C, girdles and shapers. But in order for them to be beneficial, you have to be dedicated and consistent to drop to the next size. Many women give up before they even achieve any results:

“Let’s Get WAISTED”