Achieving the most accurate size for your waist trainer is to:

* collect a recent and accurate height and weight

* use size chart to collect recommended size

After achieving the measurement using the instructions above you'll need to go up a size or 2 if:

* you have access belly fat

* if your weight is closer towards the next level in weight based on the size chart

* if you have more of an apple shape or wide back

Additional Note:

Waist Trainers are not based on a traditional shirt size. Please don't be offended or shocked if the size chart show you wear 1 or 2 sizes larger than you normally wear


Normal size: Medium    Waist Cincher size: XL

 Please measure your waist prior to ordering a waist cincher. There are benefits to measuring.  The first benefit is that you can track the inches lost. Then you can have a focal point for your goals. Waist training can be difficult in the beginning but if you have measured properly it helps reduce frustration.

How To Know you’re Measuring Correctly:

  • Take 3 fingers (pointer, middle, and ring finger) place them directly above belly button that is where you’ll place the tape measurer

  • Breath natural and measure

  • Before releasing tape measure hold gently and slightly bend from side to side

  • There you have a correct measurement

Stay determined to get your hour glass figure.